Storefront Awnings in Norfolk

Create an inviting atmosphere with custom storefront awnings

Nothing says “high-end” like a custom awning or entrance canopy. Whether designed with understatement or in bright and bold hues, awnings add visual interest and character to any storefront. They make your building more recognizable at a glance and set your entry apart from others next door or nearby. Most important, they say “welcome, we’re glad you’re here.” That’s why they are so common for upscale restaurants, hotels, retailers and other landmark locations. 

Custom awnings can be fabricated in a number of sizes, shapes and trims. Choose from canvas, vinyl, other fabrics or metal. Specify windproof and waterproof materials. Add backlighting or spotlighting.  Popular styles include:

  • Barrel shaped
  • Bubble shaped
  • Casement style
  • Flat panel styles (for longer spans)
  • Mansard style

Local building codes will have an impact on your awning options. And your Image360 Norfolk representative is equipped with the facts. Let’s work together to determine how a distinctive and formal awning or canopy treatment can enhance the visibility and personality of your location.  

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AWN014 - Custom Awning for Retail
Storefront Awnings in [city]
Storefront Awnings in [city]
Storefront Awnings in [city]
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